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'And I know it's so much better...

...'Cuz we dreamed it up together!'


Just Like We Dreamed It

"I've imagined being here like this so many times before,
Reaching out to take your hand as the butterflies in me soar!
Dancing with you under the Sun and underneath every star.
We've made a wish and believed and believed ...
And voilà! Here we are!"

♥23 year old child.
Studies Japanese at 大東文化大学、埼玉.
♥Is happily engaged.
♥Is a very busy student.
Adores Disney.
♥Especially Ariel, Simba, Stitch and Cousin Pluto!
Obsessed with her DS lite, especially ディズニーフレンズ&& Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry!
{Lyrics from Just like we dreamed it a Disneyland Paris Parade Theme. All Disney Gifs from here}

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